Contributor,, Santa Auguila Foundation, Montecito, CA:
5/19/16 Exploring Deep Sea Volcanoes off the Coast of Barbados
5/1/16 Captain Sams Spit, Kiawah Island, features photography and quotes by Richard Porcher
4/1/16 Excursions in Cape Romain, featuring photography
1/1/16 Cape Romain: Decoding the Structure of Cape Island, features photography
6/1/15 Asilah, A Coastal Town Seeking Modernity, Morocco, features photography, analysis of tourism and development
1/1/13 Ancient La Caleta Beach and Cove, Cadiz, Spain features photography, annotated bibliography, addresses J.R. Ramirez exhibition, Spanish studies, and Spain's Coastal Law
2/1/12 Morris Island Lighthouse & The Moving Beach
11/1/11 Charleston's Vulnerable Future, Through the Eyes of an Artist
7/12/11 Shifting Sands and Rising Seas, co-authored by Orrin H. Pilkey
3/20/11 Nile Delta Desert Islands: An Artist and A Scientist Symbiotic Point of View
2/10 Artist and scientist make a natural pair: united they are an educational force

Contributor,, San Francisco, CA:
6/4/13 Rebound: Dissections and Excavations in Book Art, Halsey Gallery, Charleston, SC
12/12/12 From Miami: Selections from the Miami Art Fairs, FL
4/19/12 Remnants of Revolution: Writing on the Wall in Barcelona, Spain
3/1/12 Casualmente Fotographia, Paradigmas Galeria, Barcelona, Spain
2/25/12 Rithika Merchant, Espai B Galeria, Barcelona, Spain
10/13/10 Martina Sauter: Shapely Shadows and a New Apartment, Ambach & Rice Gallery, Seattle, WA
4/27/10 Ron van der Ende: A Shallow Wade, Ambach & Rice Gallery, Seattle, WA
3/16/10 Tivon Rice: A Macroscopic Zero, Lawrimore Project, Seattle, WA
6/14/09 Jeff Zimmerman, Redux Contemporary Art Center, Charleston, SC
5/30/09 DS Studio Visit: Karen Ann Myers, Charleston, SC
4/25/09 Prop Master, Gibbes Museum of Art, Charleston, SC
2/12/09 War on Terror: Inside/Out, Halsey Gallery, College of Charleston, SC
12/20/08 Loren Schwerd: Mourning Portrait
11/4/08 Mend: love, life, & loss, Halsey Gallery, College of Charleston, SC
10/18/08 Oran Catts & Ionat Zurr: Victimless Utopia
8/4/08 SunTek Chung, Richmond, VA, republished 4/1/10 by
6/21/08 Susan Meyer: Together, Redux Contemporary Art Center, Charleston, SC

Fan Mail columnist,, San Francisco, CA:
6/19/13 Fan Mail: Masur Museum
5/17/13 Fan Mail: Kyle Austin Dunn
4/5/13 Fan Mail: Sandra Erbacher
3/29/13 Fan Mail: Marta Stysiak
3/19/13 Fan Mail: Mirka Laura Severa
2/22/13 Fan Mail: Josh Highter
2/5/13 Fan Mail: Jason Gowans
1/16/13 Fan Mail: Giordanne Salley
1/3/13 Fan Mail: Matt Hamon
11/22/12 Fan Mail: Tabitha Soren
11/10/12 Fan Mail: Iavor Lubomirov
10/17/12 Fan Mail: Kevin Frances
10/10/12 Fan Mail: Dennis Neuschaefer-Rube
9/29/12 Fan Mail: Mathew Zefeldt
9/8/12 Fan Mail: Csilla Klenyanszki
9/1/12 Fan Mail: Adam Void
8/4/12 Fan Mail: Duncan M. Ferguson
7/28/12 Fan Mail: Silas Inoue
7/7/12 Fan Mail: Lauren Marsolier
6/30/12 Fan Mail: Michelle Blade
6/9/12 Fan Mail: Ink Tank
5/24/12 Fan Mail: Dave Greber

Letter to the Editor, The Post and Courier, Charleston, SC:
7/16/11 Local motorists, cyclists should work together to save lives

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