Promo video 1 for the unreleased film "Subunderground Eruption" (2:15) 2014

Promo video 2 for the unreleased film "Subunderground Eruption," featuring the song "YEAH HIGH" by Caleb Fraid (2:48) circa 2014

"Subunderground Eruption" is an unreleased documentary on home-taping culture featuring Ashley Holt, Furniture Huschle, Caleb Fraid, Cash Nexus, Church of Gravitron, Simon Joyner & friends, Kim Darling, Bob Log III, I am the Lake of Fire, Spirit Duplicator, Nathan Ma, Wess Hess, Hossflesh, David Nance, William Wesley & the Tiny Sockets, The Debts, and others...filmed in South Carolina, Los Angeles, Omaha, and Tucson by Charlie McAlister & Celie Dailey.

Soft Blurry Person (7:43) March 2009, 2011 sound recording

Peter Stole the Water (3:43) Featuring The Dead Hippies (music video) May 8, 2009

The Dead Stings (3:56) Featuring The Dead Hippies (music video) Apr 30, 2009

Caveat Empty (13:23) February 2007

A family lacks the ability to communicate with language.

An Architecture of Empty Space (4:25) 2006

I'm in a committed romantic relationship. (3:18) Made from hand-processed super8 film, painted and typed on super8 film, found footage, and footage filmed from TV, October 2005

True Love & the Atmosphere (7:21) March 2005

Mutter (2:31) October 2004

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