Cecelia Naomi (Celie) Dailey is an artist living in Charleston, South Carolina. She specializes in digital media projects, including documentary videos. She is a writer, editor, photographer, and gardener. She is available to assist with your creative or scholarly endeavor. View full CV (pdf).

She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BA, Philosophy and BFA, Filmmaking & Photography in 2007. She began working with lumens photograms as a teacher leading nature walks in Black Mountain, NC in May 2016. She was artist-in-residence at Spring Island, SC in November, 2016. Her images are currently on exhibition at Salem College, Winston-Salem, NC, where she also gave a workshop. Please inquire about upcoming classes.

An activist involved in a variety environmental issues, native plants are her passion. Current landscaping projects include revegetating a collapsed bank on James Island, an urban pollinator garden with First African Evangelical Church, and The Growing Edge, a demonstration planting of salt and flood tolerant plants for Awakening V: King Tide with Enough Pie.

She manages the studio of Mary Edna Fraser and Dailey's book The Batik Art of Mary Edna Fraser is being published by University of South Carolina Press, 2017. Her essays and photographs of beaches have been featured by CoastalCare.org. Her self-taught interest in botany led her to work with Richard Porcher, author and retired Citadel professor emeritus. Their current book in progress is a cultural and natural history of the lowcountry.

South Carolina Maritime Museum, Georgetown, commissioned a video about the North Island lighthouse for its upcoming exhibition displaying the original Fresnel lens. She just completed an education video The Lumber Boom of Coastal South Carolina, for the current exhibition, The Henrietta. The video is available for viewing at the museum and on their website. Celie was also editor for the book which supports the exhibition, by Robert McAlister.

Celie has been managing the business of fine artist Mary Edna Fraser, Charleston, SC, for the past 6 years. A 100-page book, The Batik Art of Mary Edna Fraser is currently in editing stage with USC Press. Above Mobile Bay is a video series created for Fraser, cataloging the creation of her silk installation for GulfQuest, the National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico set to open in late 2014. Their collaborative blog Delete Apathy promotes environmental action through art, written and designed by Celie with input from Mary Edna Fraser. Celie screened videos and helped organized the initial Delete Apathy event in support the Coastal Conservation League, and subsequent events linked with local environmental organizations. Celie was an editor for Global Climate Change: A Primer, co-authored by Orrin H. Pilkey, Keith C. Pilkey, and Mary Edna Fraser.

Celie has documented Fraser and Pilkey's collaboration for CoastalCare.org and continues to write about beaches local and abroad, addressing concerns about development, cultural history, and biological and geological context. Ancient La Caleta Beach and Cove includes photography shot on location and addresses the ancient geography of a beach in Cadiz, Spain.

Art & Science: Envisioning Ocean Depths, exhibition headed by Dr. Cindy Lee Van Dover, Duke University, commissioned a site to catalog the work of 7 artists and 3 scientists. Celie also created a introductory video, shot by Mary Edna Fraser while aboard the Research Vessel Atlantis, Exploring Deep Sea Volcanoes off the Coast of Barbados: An Artist's Perspective.